Career Health Checklist

Please take (3) minutes to complete & see if you are on track in your Career.

  1. Are You continuing to Increase your Knowledge & skills in your Current job?  Yes__  No__
  2. Have you Set Short & Long term Goals for your career?  Yes__  No__
    • Specific Skills, Certifications (ie – Cloud, CISSP) &/or Degree?  Yes__  No__
    • Job Responsibilities, Promotions, Labor Category?  Yes__  No__
    • Financial?  Yes__  No__
    • Future Marketability?  Yes__ No__
  3. Have you Taken Steps to achieve these Short/Long Term Goals?  Yes__ No__
  4. Does your Company Provide you with money to train you or permit you to Achieve Certifications?  Yes__ No__
  5. Is your Compensation/Benefits Package up to par with your peers of equal skills and experience?  Yes__  No__
  6. Do you feel secure in your Project & at your Company?  Yes__  No__
  7. Are you Happy with your current Job, Project, & the Work?  Yes__ No__
  8. Is your current employer winning business in your area of expertise?  Yes__  No__

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions; please call us to re-assess your goals!!!