Our Value, Knowledge & Relationships to Help You

Value & Knowledge

  1. Tenure-(15+) years as a Women-Owned Business Successfully Recruiting/Servicing & Networking in the Intel/DOD/Agency Community with an extremely positive reputation.
  2. State of the Art Relational Database with over 8,000-9,000 Candidate Resume  collected over 15 years with over 2,000 being qualified in the last (2) years & approximately 90+% having a clearance & probably 70+ % having a high level clearance that are word searchable by many factors including word search ,skill, Job title, geography, etc.
  3. Relationships/Networking
    • Companies-Prime/Subcontractors-worked wither directly or indirectly with 200+ companies in the industry.
    • Candidates-spoken or met with several thousand candidates in the industry & personally meet with 100% of the candidates that we have placed over (15+) years as we are relationship recruiters.
    • Professional Organizations-active members, volunteers & executive members of several Intel Orgs such as AFCEA, Women in Intel(WIG) that involves many Government personnel & contractors in the community & either coordinate or run some events as well as coordinate speakers, etc.& proceeds often are provided for local engineering scholarships, education, etc.
    • Participate in Monthly luncheons with approximately 40-50 local companies sharing knowledge about the industry, business, projects, trends, initiatives changes, updates, Government personnel changes, etc.
  4. Industry Knowledge
    • Projects-Knowledge of significant # of Past, Current, Proposed & Proposal Teams,Newly awarded Projects as well as a thorough understanding of requirements, Pro’s , Cons, Participants, Nuances, Skills preferred, etc.
    • Companies- knowledge of many companies strengths, Weaknesses, Focus,relationships,  Attrition, Primes, Subs, etc.
    • Clearance Process -15+ years of Expertise about the entire clearance process, timing,work arounds,CCA’s, etc.
  5. Recruiting Process
    • Strong Expertise of the entire Recruiting Process at companies small & large as well as recruiting firms from pre-targeting, pre-proposal, cold calling, networking, structure, timing, pre-interview, interviewing in person & via telephone, pre-offer, trial close, offer, acceptance, resignation process, counter -offers, start dates,& follow through post employment.
    • Additional resources for Recruiting such as Networking, Relationships, Track Incumbent changes, & are a 3rd Party company.