Free Services Available to You

Here are just a few of the many services that we provide you during the Recruiting & Hiring Process or Career Counseling:

  • You are assigned a Senior Recruiter to work directly with you.
  • A Review of your current situation regarding employment or desired employment along with an understanding of both Short & Long term Goals
  • If you are Actively looking many steps will be taken in a shorter amount of time based on your timeline for a new position which may be done in hours, days,weeks or months .
  • If you are passively looking these steps are strategically done in a longer time for a new position, project or employer or just may be in the form of long term career counseling which can be done over a period of months or years based on your timeline?
  • Resume review & recommendations
  • Short & long term Goal Setting ?
  • Position/Project/Company review based on your requirements & desires
  • Submission of your qualifications to targeted company directly to decision makers that are able to initiate next steps.
  • Close follow-up is done for each submission to insure adequate visibility & timeliness is done on your behalf as well as throughout the entire process through hiring.
  • Potential Interviews are scheduled through us as well as company reviews & we also insure that potential salary ranges for the position are in line or close to your requirements or desires before any interview takes place so that you can focus on the interview vs worrying about finances.
  • Interview preparations are discussed with you directly covering such topics as Company Overview, Project Overview, Position Overview & Process
  • Interview de-Briefs are done by us with you to get
    your initial feedback as well as to uncover any potential questions that may not have been answered during the interview.
  • We obtain Client feedback on every interview & provide you that feedback
  • If the Feedback is positive regarding a good fit for the position/project/company we then work closely with you & the company on any action steps required for final customer approval such as potential templates or follow-up interviews, signed offers ,etc.
  • If the feedback for that the position is that it is not a good fit for any reason;we work closely with you on additional opportunities,submittals,interviews,etc.
  • Once you are accepted for a position & you have accepted it as well;we work closely with you & the company to streamline the process of onboarding you,clearance transfer if required,setting start dates as well as helping with Resignation letters if required.
  • Once you have started your new position;we will follow-up with you in a reasonable amount of time such as a few weeks or a month to insure that you are satisfied with your position/project/company .
  • We then hope that you will be happy with that company for many years to come!!